2020 AGM Myrtleford

Function Brochure 2019The 2020 AGM will be preceeded by a tour of the Honda factory at 200 Hume Highway also known as Sydney Road Somerton, Victoria.
Arrival at the factory will be mid afternoon on Tuesday the 28th April, 2020 for those wishing to camp overnight at the factory. Anybody needing power to your campers are to bring extra long suitable power cords.  The gates will be locked during the night.  The tour of the factory will take place on Wednesday the 29th April, 2020 and conclude around 1pm – 2pm. Those present will then be travelling to Myrtleford directly after the tour.
The AGM will be held in Myrtleford, Victoria from Friday the 1st of May to Sunday the 3rd of May, 2020.
Further information can be obtained from the flyer below or the club President Mr Greg O’Loughlan


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