Annual General Meetings (AGM)

The Australian GoldWing Association Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a favourite amongst many Members of the AGA.  Yes, there is the AGM that all Financial Members are encouraged to attend, in order to help set the direction of the Club, and elect new NatCom Members, but there are a lot of other things to do over the four-day weekend.

For some, the trip just to and from the AGM can be an adventure in itself, with some Members travelling over one thousand kilometres just to get to the host town!

Regular events at AGM weekends include the Show and Shine, where the public get to cast a keen eye over the array of well presented motorcycles (with many riders staying up late the night before to give their bike a final polish and to get the last of the bugs off from the road trip), and then vote for their favourite.  The Night Light Parade and Display is another favourite event of the weekend.  With another coveted trophy up for grabs, Members’ motorcycles are transformed into portable power stations; with lights, gismos, flashy things, and stereos galore.  The Official Dinner for the AGM is a chance to dress up, catch up, and eat up, while enjoying an evening of tales and most importantly, the presentation of the trophies!

A favourite part of the extended weekend is the ability to always go somewhere new and undiscovered… Country towns with hidden tourist gems, quality hospitality found nowhere else, and magical scenery on group rides bring something extra special to the time away, as well as to support every little town financially.